Danny Devos - DDV’s Irresistible Urge

20 oktober 2016 - 13 uur - Mekano




Verkenningsdagen Universiteit Antwerpen

12-13-14 september of 14-15-16 september


'De Verkenningsdagen zijn het antwoord op al je vragen, een soort "snelcursus student". '


MODULOR is the Student Faculty Association belonging to the Architectural and Interior-Architectural programs within the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp. Established in 2012, our Student Associaton is focused on continuing the operation of the defunct Student Councils of the aforementioned programs.


The focus of MODULOR revolves around organizing and participating in study-supporting events. The schedule is filled with a range of prospects like an extensive lecture set, escorted visits to exhibitions related to our studies and a generous supply of relevant literature at reduced prices.


The board of MODULOR consists of students attached to programs associated with the Faculty represented by the student faculty association, and incorporates students from the entire range of academic years



Lima Poppe - Chairwoman

Nele Maes - Vice-Chairwoman & Lectures

Alec Poignonnec - Treasurer

Nathalie Bevers - Organiser

Sebastian Lenders - Sports & PR

Alex Noels - Graphics

Matias Van Overmeire - Advisor

Ben Vervoort - Advisor



Lima Poppe - Chairwoman

Bert De Wilde - Vice-Chairman

Matias Van Overmeire - Chairman

(Position held until 20150301)

Ben Vervoort - Vice-Chairman

(Position held until 20150301)

Arno Beunen - Treasurer

Maxime Peeters - Lectures

David Meeus - Public-Relations

Alec Poignonnec - Public-Relations

Lawrens Halens - Organiser

Nathalie Bevers - Organiser

Alex Noels - Organiser

Sebastian Lenders - Sports

Annelies Van den Wijngaert - Culture

Chloë Reyda - Culture

Matias Van Overmeire - Advisor

(New position starting from 20150302)

Ben Vervoort - Advisor

(New position starting from 20150302)



Ben Vervoort - Chairman

Matias Van Overmeire - Vice-Chairman

Glenn Schurmans - Treasurer

Zeno Claes - Secretary

Mara Nuyens - Lectures

Shone Beeckman - Sport

Marnik Heijligen - Public Relations

Hannes Hulstaert - Graphical Dep.

Quinten Vermincksel - Events

Tim Coulier - Graphical Dep.

Dora Vancso - Board member

Audrey Plouvier - Board member

David Meeus - Board member.