Lacaton & Vassal


Danny Devos - DDV’s Irresistible Urge

20 oktober 2016 - 13 uur - Mekano




Verkenningsdagen Universiteit Antwerpen

12-13-14 september of 14-15-16 september


'De Verkenningsdagen zijn het antwoord op al je vragen, een soort "snelcursus student". '

Lacaton & Vassal

Architecture is about freedom, generosity, pleasure.


Far beyond any aesthetic and formal determination,

beyond the rules, standards and programs,

buildings are beautiful when people feel well in them, when the light inside is beautiful, and the air is pleasant, when the exchange with the outside seems easy and gentle, and when uses and sensations are unexpected.


The freedom of use, the capacity of the space, the flexibility, to give the possibility of appropriation, to give importance to people and uses, are the important qualities we aim in designing the projects. This refers to the concept of INHABITING. Inhabiting conveys pleasure, generosity, the freedom to occupy a space, beyond the functional. It challenges us to think about the possibilities and capacities of the space around and ahead of oneself. Designing architecture on the basis of the notion of inhabiting amounts to constructing space from the inside, and not from the outside. This sets down an intention for precision, and attention.



10 maart 2016 – 19u – aula Rector Dhanis