Ieva Laube



Danny Devos - DDV’s Irresistible Urge

20 oktober 2016 - 13 uur - Mekano




Verkenningsdagen Universiteit Antwerpen

12-13-14 september of 14-15-16 september


'De Verkenningsdagen zijn het antwoord op al je vragen, een soort "snelcursus student". '

Ieva Laube

Ieva Laube is a journalist for FOLD (Forum of Latvian Design) that brings forward the best in Latvian and foreign creative industries to help discover, understand, learn and collaborate, focusing on design and design thinking. Ieva has taken part in organizing two editions of Riga Technical University International Summer School for architects, designers and urbanists. She’s also the managing director of fashion label «Collar Swimwear» and works on personal passion projects that strive to overstep the perception of conventional thinking — creating a live fashion exhibition on a floating gallery in Riga and a multimedia performance with hundreds of kilos of peat and scenography built in real time.


In her lecture Ieva will give her side of the story – her path in creative journalism, what it takes to write about design and the human mastery of craft, her work at FOLD, architecture and design summer school and personal passion projects with partners in crime. But most of all — provoking oneself in stepping into unknown territories.



4 oktober 2015 – 19u 30 – aula R.012